Summer Nights

Summer Nights

Imagine for a moment that you’re camping. Even if you don’t like actual camping, you probably at least like the idea of camping. The air is cool, the stars are out, and you’re with your friends and family around a glowing campfire. People are talking, laughing, and sharing stories. There are no TV’s, no rush-hour traffic, no distractions. We’ll also imagine there are no mosquitos.

Sounds pretty perfect, right?

Now, what if God showed up at your campfire with a few of His own stories to tell? Stories of battles fought and won, of heroes and heroines, of love and betrayal. What if you could just sit and listen to His voice; His face illuminated by the fire, and the sound of crickets chirping themselves to sleep?

Best camping trip, ever.

Maybe that’s why God chose the night to speak to people throughout history. Sometimes we just have to clear away the distractions of the day to see that He’s been waiting for us by the campfire.

We hope you’ll join us each Sunday and Wednesday for “Summer Nights”, beginning May 31.